Judith Sullivan

Meet Judith SullivanBridging the Healing Arts and Science by using precise touch for profound results to heal the body naturally.

As an expert practitioner and teacher Judith Sullivan has over 40 years experience helping adults, children and infants heal from many painful physical issues. Combining CranioSacral Therapy, Zero Balancing and Visceral Manipulation, Judith treats the whole mind/body matrix of each individual to correct imbalances and restore optimum homeostasis in the body.

  • Judith Sullivan using Visceral Manipulation in her bodywork practice.
    Judith Sullivan works on a client.
  • Judith Sullivan using CranioSacral therapy to help the body heal naturally.
    Judith Sullivan does CranioSacral Therapy on a client.
  • Judith Sullivan treating infants using CranioSacral Therapy, Zero Balancing and Visceral Manipulation
    Judith Sullivan using bodywork on infants.
  • Judith Sullivan using CranioSacral Therapy, Zero Balancing and Visceral Manipulation to help a child heal.
    Judith Sullivan treating a child.

Integrating CranioSacral Therapy, Zero Balancing and Visceral Manipulation To Restore Your Mind, Body and Emotional Balance

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  • Do you treat…?

    Often I am asked if I have experience with a particular diagnosis. My response is that I treat people, not diagnoses. For instance people who have a diagnosis of migraines need to be treated in different ways. The migraine is the manifestation of the problem—but what is the problem? Where is it coming from? Sometimes a diagnosis is necessary in order for a client to receive insurance. However a diagnosis can be a description of a problem but doesn’t always talk about the source. People who come to me have experienced the following issues:

    • ADD/ADHD in children and adults
    • Asthma
    • Attachment disorder
    • Back Pain
    • Children
    • Chronic fatigue and Fibromyalgia
    • Chronic pain
    • Colic in Newborns
    • Depression
    • Digestive issues
    • Newborn/Infant Sucking & Nursing Difficulty
    • Orthodontia and other dental work
    • Shoulder pain
    • Stress
    • Teens
    • Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
    • Trauma
    • Elimination issues
    • Feeling Ungrounded
    • Growing pains
    • Headaches and Migraines
    • Infertility
    • Jaw pain (TMJ)
    • Knee pain
    • Low back Pain—Sacroiliac Pain
    • Menstrual problems
    • Neck Pain
    • New mothers
  • Why should I come see you if nothing is wrong?

    Saving your money until you are really hurting is counter-productive. "The best doctor cures those not yet ill." Andrew Taylor Stiill, founder of Osteopathy.Ayurevedic medicine is aware of the 6 stages of disease. Western medicine can only find disease in the 5th stage. When you are not in emergency mode, we can diagnose patterns that haven't turned into issues yet.

  • How do I know I need a session?

    I tell folks that it is time for a session when they notice how grouchy everyone around them is. Another symptom of imbalance is noticing that you are much more judgmental than usual. At least these are the signals that tell me I am not in balance. Maybe you have your own signals? Make an appointment!

  • How do people respond to your treatments?

    Everyone is different. The healing curve has ups and downs, and that is normal. Some people feel great after a treatment and then get tired for a couple of hours while their body integrates the work. Some people feel worse right after a treatment and then the next day feel much better. Some people feel no different. That is fine but if after 3-4 sessions the person still feels no difference I refer them to another modality. However, I remember one client came in and said that he felt no difference after 4 treatments and so I told him we needed to look elsewhere. He said emphatically, “NO! My wife and children tell me I am doing MUCH better!.” As I tell some clients who may have had an intractable problem for years, “If I can make it worse, I am at least finding where the problem is, and I should be able to make it better.” So to me that is a good sign. Some people leave and feel better with the issue they came in to see me about but their left ankle might hurt. This is the body adjusting to the changes and it usually works itself out within a couple of days. I think that tension is an organized dysfunction. My job is to disorganize that organized dysfunction which allows the body in its inherent wisdom, to reorganize itself functionally.

    It is important not to overdo on the day of a treatment—no running, parachute jumping, riding horses or even trying to make the day a personal best. For the most part, people can do what they normally do, just a bit less of it. If you feel better, little muscles and tissues that haven’t been working functionally are doing their best to catch up. They haven’t been used correctly in awhile and so it can feel as though you have had a workout when you haven’t! Also, if you are concerned at all, just call me. I have been doing this for 35 years, so I am aware of the different responses people have. I would much rather have you call me than worry.

  • How long will I need sessions?

    Some people come for two or three sessions, and that seems to solve the problem. If you find that what I am doing helps you to feel better, we make a plan. Every few sessions we will review that plan to make sure that we are on the right track and have the same goal. Sometimes those goals change. Let’s say you feel anxious. After seeing me for four weekly sessions you notice that that anxiety is decreasing. So you may choose to come every other week for a few times. If that is holding then you might want to come monthly. Then some of my clients decide to come in for tune-ups seasonally (since that is when our bodies have the most difficult time) for maintenance. My goal is to be of service to you and to help you with your goals to be healthy. What I normally tell clients is that it is time to see me when they notice how grouchy everyone else is!

  • How much do treatments cost?

    A 40 minute individual session is $150. for new clients there is a 45 minute phone intake in addition to your session. The cost for new clients is $250, which includes up to a 45-minute phone intake and the first session. After that, all sessions are $160.

    I want you to commit to a good prevention/maintenance plan, not an emergency plan. After an issue is cleared up, some people come in 4 times a year around the solstice and equinoxes because those are the times we tend to get sick. Other people come in when they find that everyone around them is grouchy!

    I am not covered by insurance but many people can use their “Cafeteria Plan,” “Flex Health Benefit Account,” or something similar. If you have financial difficulties, we can talk about it and make a plan for the next three. We both want to be sure that this is working for you. With infants it is a bit different. If you bring an infant before 3 months of age the cost is $150 for 2 sessions. It is so important to treat infants early to try to deal with issues before they become problems, or just to deal with nursing, sleep, or colic issues.

  • What should I expect when I arrive for my session?

    Please park in the driveway or on the street. The driveway is always left open for clients. Come in the side door and take your shoes off at the little porch and come into the kitchen which is my waiting room. We will sit at the table and talk for a few minutes before going to the treatment room. There's a bathroom next to the kitchen. I wear a mask all the time but you don't have to unless you want to. The windows are open slightly and I have a HEPA filter in the treatment room.

  • Making your first appointment.

    To make your first appointment please text 434-466-2292 with your name and phone number. I am seeing new clients usually a month out. The first session for a new client is $210 and includes the 45 minute phone intake as well as a regular table session which is 45 minutes. All my regular table sessions are 45 minutes and cost $150.

1309 East Market Street
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1309 East Market Street
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